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Did you know almost 450 university community members have completed UCAT’s Course Design Institute (CDI)? Join colleagues from across the university as you take a big-picture look at a course of your choice and engage in a hands-on process of (re)-designing it to more effectively and purposefully help students learn.

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2015 Early June 1-5 Cropped

How do the content areas and assignments in your courses contribute to student learning? How do you want students to be different after completing your course? How would you articulate the goals and objectives for your course? Perhaps you are about to teach a brand new course for the first time, or maybe you have an inkling […]


If you are working on your philosophy of teaching statement, it can sometimes be hard to get your thoughts organized or even know where to start. Consider including these elements in your teaching philosophy statement (in no particular order) to maximize its effectiveness. Goals What are your main goals as a teacher? How do you hope […]

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