Some of our past participants anonymously commented on their evaluations:
I have a great deal of teaching experience at all levels and it was a great organizer and clarifier for my purpose & teaching here. Content prompted many new ideas for me.
I’ve already taught & now have new/better ideas to implement in the classroom.
Teaching is new to me. Got an excellent overview of the idea of teaching from a teacher’s point of view.
Not only new ideas, but new ways of thinking — excellent!
The facilitators were experienced and very much understood our positions as new TAs and what we were thinking.
There was good discussion between the various GTAs that helped me gain confidence… The presenters certainly helped facilitate that.
Was clear and helpful about all the seemingly ‘little things’ that truly impact a teaching environment. Demonstrated there is a lot of room for personalization and did not incite fear or anxiety.
As an international student expectations are different for teaching staff in different countries. So many new techniques were taught and the general protocol was established.
As a beginner TA the session has given me ideas about how to present myself and establish expectations in the classroom.
It was very helpful and I feel more prepared now. The practice presentations were especially helpful and alleviated some of my anxiety.
The exercises gave me the opportunity to plan for teaching and to help me prepare.
It covered most of the things I was worried about most in teaching.
 There were countless good suggestions. Ways of engaging the class, how to deal with things when they go not planned...