“UCAT is an excellent and welcoming resource for curriculum redesign.”

“I am taking with me a real course, that didn’t exist before, that I actually really want to teach!”

“The logic of the [Institute] structure is incredibly valuable. The content was fantastic; broken down into logical steps.”

“Now I will not get overwhelmed with course design because I know how to break things down into manageable units with course design and assessment and grading rubrics.”

“I will use this same process for every course I teach. Thank you so much!”

“I have learned so much from the expertise and experiences from faculty of other disciplines, and that a course should be developed with structure, not just out of thin air.”

“Having this dedicated time really helped me think deeply about the nature of what I’m teaching. While being structured, I felt like I had the freedom to come to my own conclusions.”

“I have a successful, effective go-to approach for revising or creating future courses. Most importantly, I have a plan and thoughtfully-prepared design for the course that I have to teach spring quarter.”