Your Teaching Portfolio can include any number of possible sections, all depending upon your teaching experience, materials, and goals. Below are five examples that may provide you with some ideas for your own organization.

Example One

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Teaching Statement
  3. Course Responsibilities
  4. Course/Instructor Evaluations
  5. Examples of Course Materials
  6. Examples of Learning Activities for Course XX

Example Two

  1. Teaching Philosophy
  2. Statement of Teaching Responsibilities
  3. Teaching Strategies and Methods
  4. Representative Syllabi
  5. Representative Assignments
  6. Representative Labs
  7. Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness
  8. Student Feedback and Evaluations
  9. Peer Observations
  10. Future Teaching Goals
  11. Professional Development
  12. Appendices

Example Three

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Statement of Teaching Responsibilities
  3. Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  4. Description of Teaching Methods
  5. Description of Teaching Revisions and Developments to Improve Teaching
  6. Peer Evaluation of Teaching
  7. Student Evaluation of Teaching
  8. Video Tapes of Teaching
  9. Samples of Student Work
  10. Samples of Grading and Feedback Provided on Student Work
  11. Future Teaching Goals

Example Four

  1. Statement of Teaching Strategies and Goals
  2. Teaching Responsibilities
  3. Syllabi
  4. Example Exams
  5. Efforts to Improve Teaching
  6. Measures of Teaching Effectiveness
  7. Teaching Awards
  8. Other Teaching Initiatives

Example Five

  1. Teaching Responsibilities
  2. Statement of Teaching Philosophy
  3. Teaching Methods, Strategies, Objectives
  4. Student Ratings on Departmental Evaluation Forms
  5. Colleague Evaluations and Observations
  6. Statement by Department Chair Assessing Professor’s Teaching Contribution
  7. Representative Course Syllabi
  8. Evidence of Student Learning
  9. Assessment Tools Used to Evaluate Course Objectives
  10. Teaching Awards
  11. Teaching Goals