Ohio State instructors (both faculty and GTAs) can receive further assistance on developing teaching portfolios through the following mechanisms.


Consultants are available for individual meetings to discuss the instructor’s reasons for preparing a portfolio, the areas of the teaching process that will be examined, the kinds of information to be collected, and how these materials will be analyzed and presented. Subsequent meetings can be set up as needed to discuss presentation of such components as philosophy of teaching and goals, teaching responsibilities, representative course syllabi, teaching evaluation instruments, and course development or teaching improvement efforts. The consultant will assist in the review and organization of materials to be included in a teaching portfolio that represents solid evidence of the instructor’s teaching responsibilities and effectiveness.

Consultants can help instructors collect feedback on their teaching through the use of student focus groups and mid-term evaluation tools.

Consultants will work with university departments to enhance their systems of faculty peer evaluation and their use of teaching portfolios in that process.

More information about the consultation process is available here. To schedule a consultation appointment, call or email UCAT (with “Teaching Portfolio” as the subject line if emailing).


UCAT regularly facilitates workshops on developing teaching portfolios that are open to the campus community. Please go to UCAT Events on Teaching to see this quarter’s workshop sessions.

UCAT consultants can create and facilitate workshops related to teaching portfolios for university departments across campus. These can cover any number of topics and can also range from a one hour session to a multi-session workshop series. For more information, you can schedule a meeting to discuss this opportunity further by calling or emailing UCAT.