STAR is a group for all first- and second-year TAs at Ohio State to socialize with, learn from, encourage, and grow alongside each other. At each of our monthly meetings, we will provide refreshments and yummy snacks for you to enjoy. We will also have some structured activities or discussions, often based on topics suggested by group members, to help you in your TA role. Finally, we will have time for you to casually chat with each other and ask your teaching-related questions to your fellow TAs and to the graduate consultant facilitators.

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CarmenThe STAR page on Carmen has lots of great reference materials for new TAs, including the materials that were distributed on the flashdrives at the UCAT new TA orientation. There will also be discussion forums where you can chat with and ask questions to your fellow TAs. Everyone who attends a STAR event will automatically be registered as a participant on our Carmen page. If you would like to be added to our Carmen page but are unable to attend one of our events, please send us an email.

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September 6

Managing the Classroom


October 18

Active Learning

9–10:30 am

November 15

Student Feedback

9–10:30 am

Barbie Tootle Room

Third Floor

Brutus Buckeye Room, 3rd Floor Barbie Tootle Room, 3rd Floor
New teachers often grapple with their authority in the classroom, and disruptive or disengaged students can challenge the learning environment we work to create. We will explore ways to promote civility in the classroom through the use of effective classroom management skills. We will also develop strategies for handling common concerns about classroom management. Do you want your students to practice higher order thinking tasks such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation? Active learning techniques can help them grow from passive listeners to problem solvers. We will explore a range of structures for class activities and discuss ways to use them in your specific contexts. Are you curious about the value and reliability of different types of student feedback? We will explore strategies for obtaining and interpreting student feedback, including SEIs and beyond.

Erin Blankenship-Sefczek
Erin Blankenship-Sefczek is a Ph.D. Candidate in Anthropology who’s research focuses on the effects of dental reduction and physiological stress (such as malnutrition) on tooth characteristics (crown size and cusp expression) after the transition to agriculture. Erin’s favorite part of teaching is helping students become active participants in their own learning process. When she is not teaching, working, or being a grad student, Erin loves spending time with her family, collecting old books, and watching superhero movies.

Kelly Jo Fulkerson Dikuua

Kelly Jo is a Ph.D. Candidate in African-American and African Studies whose research examines cases of forced sterilization in the United States and Southern Africa. Kelly Jo’s favorite part of teaching is learning alongside her students while making connections between historic or literary works and broader questions and discussions in the world today. In addition to teaching, Kelly Jo loves spending time with her children, walking her two dogs and cleaning/re-organizing her house.

Carly Martin
Carly Martin is a Ph.D. Candidate in Germanic Languages and Literatures.  She is writing a dissertation on conceptions of language in Enlightenment Germany.  As a teacher, Carly loves seeing students become empowered when they can express themselves in a different language and experience themselves through a new cultural lens.  In her free time, she likes to learn new languages, travel and sing in choirs.

Anne WilsonAnne Wilson is a Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology. Her research interests include emotion, emotion regulation, and anxiety disorders. As a teacher, Anne loves guiding students towards a better understanding of themselves and others through the study of psychology. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, yoga, and exploring Columbus.