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Interested in enhancing your own GTA program? Want to find out what others at Ohio State are doing to help their GTAs develop as teachers? Start here!

Past recipients of GTA Enhancement Seed Grants worked throughout the academic year to create, expand, or significantly enhance their local GTA programming, with special emphasis placed on efforts that provide access to phased, ongoing support throughout their appointments. They have created a wide variety of programs that uniquely meet the diverse needs of their GTA populations.

Recipients have been asked to share the details of their programs, including how they spent the grant funding, how they assessed the success of the program, and lessons learned from their experiences with the program. Please feel free to browse some of the final reports submitted from past academic years.

Email Jessica Riviere, Instructional Consultant and Coordinator for Graduate Teaching Assistant Programs, for more information about GTA training initiatives at Ohio State. If after reading the final reports, you have any questions regarding potential training ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also arrange for past recipients to talk with you about their programs.

Table of Contents

  1. List and description of program elements
    • What you have accomplished (e.g., workshops, seminars, consultations, orientation, what, when, attendance numbers, number of contacts, etc.)
    • Include any changes made from original plan
  2. Itemized budget
    • Details on how the funding was spent
    • Narrative about whether funding was sufficient to get your project done (why or why not )
  3. Assessment of project
    • Feedback (from events, participants, focus groups, etc)
    • Other data you may have collected on success of project
  4. Reflections on the future
    • Next steps, continuation of program, issues to be addressed for future years
    • Recommendations for changes you could/will make based on this pilot year
  5. “Lessons learned”
    • Suggestions for others doing a seed grant in future; tips and guidance for other departments thinking of enhancing their GTA training with similar projects

Final Reports from Selected Departments

The following final reports are available for downloading. All are Microsoft Word documents. If you are unable to view the MS Word files, please download a free MS Word Viewer or Converter.

Chemistry (2004-05 academic year)
Center of the Study of Teaching and Writing (2003–04 academic year)
English: First–Year Writing Program (2004–05 academic year)
First–Year Engineering Program (2003–04 academic year)
Philosophy (2003–04 academic year)
Sociology (2003–04 academic year)
Spanish and Portuguese (2003–04 academic year)
Theatre (2003–04 academic year)
Nursing (2004–05 academic year)


For more information about the Seed Grants for GTA Program Enhancement at Ohio State, please contact:

Jessica Riviere
University Center for the Advancement of Teaching
260 Younkin Success Center
1640 Neil Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43201–2333
Phone: (614) 292-3644