If you wish to pursue an official Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization/Minor, you must follow the Graduate School procedures as outlined below.

In conjunction with your advisor, you should determine the appropriateness of pursuing a graduate interdisciplinary specialization and how best to incorporate it into your program of study. If you would like some additional guidance, contact edstudies@osu.edu

  1. Contact Alisa Tate (tate.205) for a sample application form with course requirements.
  2. Go to gradforms.osu.edu and complete and electronically submit the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization form.

Upon completion of the Interdisciplinary Specialization Program, the student must submit the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization Transcript Designation Form (page 3 of http://www.gradsch.ohio-state.edu/Depo/PDF/InterdisciplinarySpecializationForm.pdf) to the Coordinating Graduate Studies Committee Chair. The completed form will be sent to the Graduate School for posting the specialization on the transcript.

All academic aspects of the graduate interdisciplinary specialization are subject to approval by each participating graduate program. Listed below are the general criteria applicable to all graduate interdisciplinary specializations. Students should consult the appropriate graduate studies committees for specific information regarding the graduate interdisciplinary specialization in which they are enrolling.

General Criteria for all Graduate Interdisciplinary Specializations. A graduate interdisciplinary specialization involves two or more graduate programs outside the student’s major graduate program. A graduate interdisciplinary specialization requires a minimum of 13 hours of graduate-level course work in at least three courses. Twenty hours of graduate level courses is the maximum allowance for a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization. Nine hours taken for the Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization must be completed outside of the student’s home program. The student must receive a grade of B or better or S in each course comprising the graduate interdisciplinary specialization. The completed graduate interdisciplinary specialization will appear on the student’s transcript. (Graduate School Handbook, Section VIII.4)

For a useful planning tool, you can print out our Program Planning Form