For students seeking this specialization/minor in disciplines where no specific course is available to meet the requirement of a disciplinary teaching course, students are allowed to enroll in independent studies within their disciplines.

Such an independent study would need to meet the same learning outcomes that an established course would. However, while there should be standards for these outcomes across disciplines, the specifics will vary. It is just these differences in the pedagogical content knowledge across disciplines the leads the steering committee to insist that much of this specialization must be taken in the home field.

This course of study should be a rigorous, academic exploration of teaching of the discipline in American higher education. It must go significantly further than the preparation for teaching that the unit offers for GTAs (see the baseline for that level of preparation at Criteria and possible course components have been provided as a guide.

Instructors should submit a syllabus and a Course Approval Form [Word] [PDF] to Alan Kalish.