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When: February 1, 2018 at 1:00pm – 3:00pm
Where: 150 Thompson Library

Do you have a teaching-related proposal in need of funding? Representatives from UCAT, ODEE, and the Office of Service-Learning are teaming up to answer your questions, help you identify the grant that best matches your project, and walk you through the application requirements. See sample applications and final project reports from previous winners and work with our grant coordinators to get immediate feedback on your ideas or proposal drafts.

Grants include:

  • Affordable Learning Exchange (ALX) Grant: ALX grant winning projects must provide significant cost savings to students at Ohio State, and most projects utilize open education resources to meet that goal. Some faculty choose to author course materials from scratch or adopt existing OERs, like open textbooks. Others rely on library resources like books on reserve and subscriptions, and many utilize Carmen for delivery.
  • Bringing It Home Grant: If you organize a program about teaching for your TAs, UCAT wants to assist your efforts. Whether you are starting a new initiative or would like additional support for an existing program, we can hire one of your own graduate associates to work with your orientation ($200). We can also contribute a little funding (up to $100) for refreshments.
  • Graduate TA Development GrantGrants of $10,000 each are available to develop or enhance TA programs within departments, schools, colleges, or consortia of units.
  • Lecturer Teaching Development GrantThis grant program provides up to $750 per person to lecturers looking to enhance their work as teachers for Ohio State.
  • Local Lecturer Support Grant: Through this program, academic units are awarded up to $5,000 per academic year to enhance professional development for their lecturers at the unit-level through the provision of year-long, structured support customized to meet the needs of their lecturers. An additional $1000 is available to compensate a lecturer appointed to help coordinate the unit’s efforts.
  • Service-Learning Grant: These grants are available to any Ohio State University faculty or staff member who would like to develop or improve a service-learning course.


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