The Younkin Success Center

Younkin Success Center Street Number

The Younkin Success Center has two entrances. The entrance at the front of the building, pictured above, faces Neil Avenue; although this entrance is accessible for people with disabilities, the ramp entrance begins at the south end of the CVS Pharmacy building, located just to the right of the Younkin Success Center’s front entrance.

The rear entrance to the Younkin Success Center, which faces an alley running alongside the gravel parking lot, is also accessible.

To access UCAT’s second floor offices and upper–story Younkin Success Center event locations, people with physical mobility impairments may prefer to use the building elevator, located just beyond the front lobby facing Neil Avenue.

Please note that all visitors to University Center for the Advancement of Teaching are requested to check in with staff at the second–floor reception desk, located immediately adjacent to the Younkin Success Center’s elevator.