Note: Most of the resources listed below are specific to Ohio State’s Columbus campus. However, some regional campus resources are included, and others will be added in the upcoming months.

A to Z Resources List



Academic Advising at Ohio State
Office of Undergraduate Education
381 Bricker Hall
190 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH  43210-1358

Academic Affairs, Office of (OAA) 
203 Bricker Hall
190 North Oval Mall
Columbus, OH  43210-1358
Phone: (614) 292-5881
TTY: (614) 292-7327

Academic Learning Lab (ALL)see Dennis Learning Center

Academic Colleges and Schools, List ofsee Colleges and Schools

Academic Misconduct, Committee on (COAM)
33 W. 11th Ave.
Room 107
Columbus, OH  43201-2013
Phone: (614) 292-7262

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Coordinator, Office of
2054 Drake Center
1849 Cannon Dr.
Columbus, OH  43210-1208
Phone (voice): (614) 292-6207
TTY: (614) 688-8605
The ADA Coordinator’s Office was created to guide Ohio State’s efforts to move beyond compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act, toward seamless access. As Ohio State’s focal point for disability-related initiatives, the ADA Coordinator’s Office collaborates with university offices, governmental agencies, and advocacy groups to inform decision-making and ensure Ohio State’s compliance with state and federal mandates.


Bookstores, University
Phone: (614) 247-2000
The Ohio State University Bookstores have two Columbus campus locations.

  • The Enarson Classroom Building location sells a selection of office supplies, as well as some electronic items, in addition to selected computing software and hardware. The Enarson Classroom Building bookstore also stocks Ohio State apparel and a limited range of books, magazines, and other items.
  • The multi-story bookstore located at Gateway C, 1590 N. High Street, on the southeastern edge of campus, is the primary bookstore location for textbook sales. The High Street bookstore offers an expansive array of merchandise, including Ohio State apparel and gifts, books, magazines, and school supplies.

219 Lincoln Tower
1800 Cannon Dr.
Columbus, OH  43210
Phone: (614) 292-0400
BuckIDs are the Ohio State identification cards used by the university’s faculty, staff, and students. BuckID cards are required for the check out of library materials and classroom equipment. BuckIDs also facilitate access for many Ohio State faculty, staff, and students to restricted campus building spaces, including offices, residence halls, and recreational facilitites. In addition, BuckID owners can deposit money in their personal BuckID accounts, for use when payment is required by campus photocopiers and computing lab printers.
While these BuckID features are familiar to most Ohio State faculty and staff, many are unaware of a number of discounts which are only available at various local businesses and restaurants, when BuckID is used as the form of payment. The BuckID website provides information on current discounts as well as options for individuals to manage their BuckID accounts, including monitoring use as well as making electronic deposits.


Campus Area Bus Service (CABS)
CABS is part of Ohio State’s Department of Transportation and Parking. No ID or bus pass is required for riding on CABS buses that are traveling regularly scheduled routes.

Campus Maps

  • Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI)-Wooster, Ohio
    Features include downloadable maps of the ATI Campus and ATI Farm Laboratory and amap of Ohio that illustrates the ATI campus location.
  • Columbus Campus
    Features include a searchable building index–including the Columbus Campus parking garages–as well as a graphic mapGoogle map, and links to additional resources.
  • Lima Campus
    Features include an interactive map of the Lima campus and directions to the Lima Campus from different points around the State of Ohio.
  • Mansfield CampusOffers a map of the Mansfield Campus along with links to driving directions, accommodations, and local restaurants.
  • Marion CampusPhotos and descriptions of the main Marion Campus buildings are offered via a virtual tour, as well as a link for a printer-friendly version of the map and a link to information about Marion Campus closings, delays, and directions.
  • Marion Campus, Delaware Center
    A link to a map is provided for the Delaware Center of the Marion Campus, as well as a link for a printer-friendly version of the map.
  • Newark Campus
    Directions to the Newark Campus from different points around the State of Ohio are provided, along with a link for a printer-friendly version of the Newark Campus map.
  • Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC)-Wooster, Ohio
    This site provides a detailed image of the OARDC campus, including a small inset map that illustrates the campus’s location within surrounding Wooster.
  • Stone Laboratory
    Maps illustrate the Stone Laboratory’s location off the coast of Lake Erie in Ohio. Clickable, numbered “Step” tabs describe the process for visitors travelling to the Stone Laboratory’s location on Gibraltar Island. A link is also provided for downloading a printable copy of the map.

Campus Police Departmentsee Public Safety, Department of

Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW)
485 Mendenhall Laboratory
125 S. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH  43210-1308
Phone: (614) 688-5865
* Writing Across the Curriculum
* Writing Center, The

Classroom Equipment
Enarson Classroom Building
Room 25 (lower level)
2009 Millikin Rd.
Columbus, OH  43210-1243
Phone: (614) 292-3131
Ohio State’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) loans a variety of digital equipment to faculty and instructors, including items such as microphones, Mac adaptors, and LCD projectors. Equipment can be checked out with pre-arrangement or on a walk-in basis. Equipment can be picked up, or delivered and set up.

Classroom Reservations: see Ohio State Registrar’s Office of Scheduling

Classroom Services
Enarson Classroom Building
Room 25 (lower level)
2009 Millikin Rd.
Columbus, OH  43210-1243
Phone: (614) 292-3131 for equipment needs for classroom assistance

Committee on Academic Misconductsee Academic Misconduct, Committee on (COAM)

Computing Assistance (for academic computing needs): see IT Service Desk

Computer Centers for Ohio State students
A number of Student Computer Centers are available across campus for students to access technologies for coursework requiring current computer hardware and software, and Internet access. Centers are equipped with Windows and/or Macintosh computers and a variety of peripheral equipment. Software includes word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, e-mail, web browsers, and more.
* Most Student Computer Centers can be reserved by Ohio State faculty for classroom use. See the Student Computer Centers website for more information.

Consolidated Services Center
Student Academic Services Bldg, 1st Floor
281 West Lane Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210-1132
Phone: (614) 292-0300

Counseling and Consultation Service, Office of (CCS)
Fourth Floor, Younkin Success Center
1640 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43201-2333
Phone: (614) 292-5766


Dennis Learning Center, The Walter E.
250 Younkin Success Center
1640 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43201-2333
Phone (Main Office): (614) 688-4011
Phone (Learning Specialists): (614) 688-3967 (Individualized Services)

The Walter E. Dennis Learning Center (DLC) provides one-on-one academic coaching, group workshops, and elective courses to support the academic success of Ohio State students. Common topics include effective study skills, time management, and test-taking strategies. Coaching and workshops are customized to the needs of undergraduate, graduate, or professional students. The study-skills courses, including ES EPSY 1259 (Learning and Motivation: Strategies for Success in College), are designed with undergraduates in mind.

Digital Union, The
Various locations around campus.
Phone: (614) 292-4768

The Digital Union provides space to study and work collaboratively while using technological tools that people may not have regular access to.  The Digital Union provides access to software such as Adobe Master Suite, Microsoft Office, Final Cut, iLife, iWork, Audacity, Pro Tools, CPC Caption Maker and more. They also have a variety of computers available for use, mostly Mac computers. They also provide other services such as meeting rooms, printing in black and white and color, poster printing, and even 3D-printing.

Disability Services, Office for (ODS) (see also Ohio State Office of the ADA Coordinator)
150 Pomerene Hall
1760 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210-1221
Phone: (614) 292-3307
TDD: (614) 292-0901
The Office of Disability Services collaborates with and empowers students who have disabilities by coordinating support services and programs that enable equal access to an education and university life.


Equipment, Classroomsee Classroom Equipment



Graduate School
247 and 250 University Hall
230 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH  43210-1366
Phone: (614) 292-6031


The Frank W. Hale, Jr. Black Cultural Center
153 W. 12th Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210-1389
Phone: (614) 292-0074
The Hale Center is named in honor of Dr. Frank W. Hale, Jr., who fought to increase opportunities for minority students at The Ohio State University. Considered one of the finest Black Cultural Centers in the United States, the Hale Center is located on the south part of Ohio State’s Columbus campus. A hub of campus activity, the Hale Center hosts a number of campus events in addition to providing meeting space for student organizations. Within the facility’s almost 20,000 square feet of space are housed two state-of-the-art computer labs, several classrooms, rooms for reading and research, a tutorial laboratory, and two art galleries named for outstanding artists, which feature some of the Hale Center’s exceptional art collection. Depending upon facility availability, reservations for occasional alternative class meeting spaces may be accommodated at the Hale Center.

Help Desk Technology Support Centersee IT Service Desk

Human Resources, Office of
1590 N. High St.
Suite 300
Columbus, OH  43201-2190
Phone: (614) 292-1050
The majority of Human Resources departments on the Columbus campus are located in this building, at the corner of East 11th Avenue and North High Street. The website includes information about Benefits, the Customer Service CenterLife EventsPayrollManagement Information Analysis and ReportingAppreciation, Recognition, and Awards, Veterans Affairs, and other HR Services.
* Additional contact information for different Human Resources units are included here.
* New faculty at Ohio State can read more here about resources for new employees.
* GTAs can learn more here about some of the benefits that may be available for them, as Ohio State student employees.


IT Service Desk
Walk-In LocationEnarson Classroom Building
Room 25 (lower level)
2009 Millikin Rd.
Columbus, OH  43210-1243
Phone: (614) 688-HELP (614-688-4357)
TDD: (614) 688-8743
The IT Service Desk handles questions, problem reports, service requests, and inquiries from Ohio State faculty, staff, and students regarding computer hardware and software, Internet connectivity, and related topics.

International Affairs, Office of (OIE)
300 Oxley Hall
1712 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210-1219
Phone: (614) 292-6101




Libraries, Online
This website provides detailed descriptions of and links to a number of Ohio State’s online libraries.

Libraries, Universitysee University Libraries

Library, OIT Media
* The Office of Information Technologies Media Library has 6,000 titles on videocassette, film, laserdisc and DVD for faculty use. Titles are available on their web site.


Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center
148 Cockins Hall
1958 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210-1247
Phone: (614) 292-3952

Media Library: see OIT Media Library

Minority Affairs, Office of
102 Bricker Hall
190 N. Oval Mall
Columbus, OH  43210-1358
Phone: (614) 292-4355
* Office of Minority Affairs Tutoring Services: (614) 292-0964

Multicultural Center
Suite 1000, Ohio Union
1739 N. High St.
Columbus, OH  43210
Phone: (614) 688-8449
The Multicultural Center at Ohio State provides opportunities for students’ engagement and leadership, focusing on building community, valuing social justice, contributing to the academic experience, and facilitating individual transformation. Some programs offered by the Multicultural Center specifically target diverse populations, including African American studentsAmerican Indian or indigenous population studentsAsian American studentsLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allied studentsHispanic students; and other students at The Ohio State University. Additional events and programs include Heritage and Awareness EventsCultural and Intercultural Celebrations, the Graduation and Recognition Celebrations, and a variety of opportunities for education and training, among others.



Office of Scheduling
See Scheduling, Office of


Police Department: see Public Safety, Department of

Printing Services, University: see UNIPRINT

Public Safety, Department of (see also Ohio State Student Life’s Safety Information Website)
Blankenship Hall
901 Woody Hayes Dr.
Columbus, OH  43210-4013
Phone to report an emergency: 9-1-1
Phone: (614) 292-2121 (for general non-emergency calls)
* Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety includes the areas of campus police, security and fire prevention, and student safety services.



Regional Campuses
Ohio State’s regional campuses include the following locations:

Registrar, Office of the University
Student Academic Services Bldg, 1st Floor
281 West Lane Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1132
Phone: (614) 292-0300
Among the many useful resources included on the University Registrar’s website are

Research Commons
18th Avenue Library, 3rd Floor
175 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210
Phone: (614) 292-8412

Research Commons is a new space on campus for research-related activities. Research Commons has space for individual and collaborative work and meetings. They offer consultations about research, workshops on various aspects of research, room reservations, and showcase events throughout the year. There is also a Computer Lab with various software (such as Geographic Information Systems software and graphic design programs) available for use.

Room Reservations: see Ohio State Registrar’s Office of Scheduling



SASSOsee Student Athlete Support Services Office

Safety Information (provided by Ohio State Student Life)

Scheduling, Office of
University Registrar
Student Academic Services Building, 5th Floor
281 West Lane Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210-1132
Phone: (614) 292-1873

Student Advocacy Center
1120 Lincoln Tower
1800 Cannon Dr.
Columbus, OH  43210
Phone: (614) 292-1111

Student Athlete Support Services Office (SASSO)
350 Younkin Success Center
1640 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43201-2333
Phone: (614) 292-7088

Student Computing Centerssee Computer Centers for Ohio State Students

Student Life, Ohio State
600 Lincoln Tower
1800 Cannon Dr.
Columbus, OH  43210-1230
Phone: (614) 292-9334
The Office of Student Life (which recently changed its name from the Office of Student Affairs) is responsible for many of the outside-the-classroom aspects of student life at Ohio State. Among the areas falling within Student Life are student healthwellness, andcounselingactivities, organizations, and leadership development; student housing; food service, including campus dining as well as catering services; and BuckID.
Student Life also includes recreational sports, including intramurals and sport clubsoutdoor adventure programsaquaticspersonal training, and fitness classes in addition to opportunities for informal, open recreation. Many of these programs are offered in new, state-of-the-art facilities, such as RPAC (the Recreation and Physical Activity Center) and the Adventure Recreation Center.
Other Ohio State facilities operated by Student Life include the Schottenstein Center, theFawcett Center, the Blackwell Inn, the Ohio Union (currently under construction), and the Drake Event Center.


Technology Enhanced Learning and Research (TELR) Support Service
480 Baker Systems Engineering
1971 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210
Phone: (614) 688-5875
TELR is the Ohio State community’s eLearning partner. Along with TELR’s Digital Union, TELR provides innovative technology and multimedia solutions for Ohio State’s faculty, staff, and students.

Test Administration and Scanning Services (an area in the Office of the University Registrar)
585 Student Academic Services Building
281 W Lane
Columbus, OH  43210-1233
Phone: (614) 292-2241

Transportation and Parking, Department of
160 Bevis Hall
1080 Carmack Rd.
Columbus, OH  43210-1002
Phone: (614) 292-9341
Phone (toll-free): (877) OSU-PARK (877-678-7275)
Information provided within the Transportation and Parking website includes

  • descriptions of parking options for faculty and staff as well as students at Ohio State
  • a downloadable parking map
  • customer alerts when high parking volume is expected, such as Football Saturdays
  • current route information for the Ohio State Campus Area Bus Service (CABS)
  • Motorist Assistance options
  • an on-line form to reserve a vehicle for use by an Ohio State department
  • information about alternate transit options for Ohio State faculty and staff


UniPrint (formerly known as Cop-EZ)
UniPrint locations and hours
UniPrint serves as the primary Ohio State resource for campus printing and photocopying services, including course packets. Additional services offered include document management, printer management, leasing and sales for photocopier, printer, and fax office equiment, and wireless printing services. UniPrint also coordinates the Microsoft Personal Use Program, offering discounted prices on software for eligible full- and part-time Ohio State students.

Libraries, University
William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library
1858 Neil Avenue Mall
Columbus, OH  43210-1286
Phone: (614) 292-6154
The William Oxley Thompson Library normally serves as the main library at the Columbus campus. Click here for books, journals, and media offerings available through the library system, library events, projects and initiatives, and more information about the dozens of libraries included within Ohio State’s University Libraries system, including regional campus library locations.

University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT)
260 Younkin Success Center
1640 Neil Ave.
Columbus, OH  43201-2333
Phone: (614) 292-3644
University Police Department (University Police)see Public Safety, Department of
Phone to report an emergency: 9-1-1
Phone: (614) 292-2121 (for general non-emergency calls)



Wireless Internet Access, Ohio State
This site provides information about how to connect to a wireless network at Ohio State as well as a current map of campus “hot spots.”

The Women’s Place
5046 Smith Laboratory
174 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH  43210-1106
Phone: (614) 292-3960

Writing Across the Curriculumsee Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing

Writing Center, Thesee Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW)