At The Ohio State University, international faculty and teaching associates (TAs) are a highly valued part of the academic community. The challenges you face as teachers in U.S. college classrooms can be daunting, so the following resources are tailored specifically to the needs of new international instructors. Even if you have been teaching at Ohio State or in the U.S. for some time, you may find something useful in this section.

Ideas presented on these pages come from contributors’ experiences, the research literature on college and university teaching and professional development, collaboration with colleagues at similar research universities, and conversations with experienced international instructors. This information is intended to supplement other UCAT webpages and resources. There are four sections for international instructors:


It is helpful to know the type of educational environment that your students have experienced.  Education in the United States describes the educational principles and practices of the American educational system in general, especially secondary and post-secondary (college and university) schooling.  Getting to Know Ohio State Students provides more background on students and student motivation.  A page on US Classroom Culture includes suggestions for interacting with students.

Ohio State

Facts About Ohio State provides a quick glance at the University, including its history, mission, and some demographics. While not directly related to your teaching, you may want to learn more about the how Ohio State came to be the leading university that it is today.

Communication Strategies

Communication Strategies for Non-Native English Speakers describes specific strategies for maintaining communication with your students.  Here you will also find a collection of useful phrases for teaching and classroom management as well as a glossary of American academic jargon.

Additional Support and Guidance

How UCAT Can Help You provides links to the many resources available to you through the teaching center. Events, programs, and consultations are available to anyone who teaches at Ohio State, but of particular interest to international teachers are the consultations and programs on English language acquisition for non-native speakers. This section also points you to the many workshops, institutes, counseling opportunities, and learning communities available through UCAT