Teaching International Students

Ohio State educates students from over 120 countries; thus, a great amount of diversity exists within the international student population. Many with international student status have recently arrived in the United States, while other international students have been in the U.S. for years. Further, a number of students who are considered international may speak American or a non-American variety of English as their native language. While entering the university is an adjustment for any college student, international students may face a range of challenges not necessarily confronted by a native U.S. student.

Being an International Teacher

Oho State considers its international faculty and teaching associates to be a highly valued part of the academic community. The challenges you might face as international teachers in American college classrooms can range from minor to daunting.

Internationalizing the Curriculum

Internationalizing the university is a priority of Ohio State, as evidenced by the President and Provost’s Council on Strategic Internationalization. Efforts include developing global competence in our students, whether they study abroad or not. What does it mean to internationalize a course or curriculum?