One of the core services of the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching has long been to seek out, digest, and share information resources that support high-quality teaching. The Handbook on Teaching@Ohio State is one way that we gathered information on a wide range of teaching issues.

As technologies for delivering information have changed, the Handbook on Teaching@Ohio State has moved from being a printed, hardcopy book to a set of pages on our web site. We are now making this resource available as an eBook, in hopes that this will be more convenient and useful to some of you.

What is an ePub?

An ePub is an open format for reflowable text (analogous to .htm or .txt) that can fit on the vast majority of devices (iPad, Nook, mobile phones). It can be converted to mobi for Kindles.

How to add the ePub to your eReader


  1. Drag the ePub file into your iTunes Library
  2. Sync your iPad with your computer through iTunes
  3. The book will appear in your iBooks app


  1. Connect your Nook to a computer and locate the Nook’s “My Documents” folder
  2. Drag and drop the ePub into the Nook’s “My Documents” folder
  3. Your Nook should display the book in “My Documents”


The Kindle uses the .mobi filetype for eBooks. Follow the instructions on this page to transfer the ePub to your Kindle.


Install the add-on EPUBReader to open the handbook in your Mozilla Firefox browser or MagicScroll to open the handbook in Google Chrome.