Photo Credit: christian.senger via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: christian.senger via Compfight cc

Here is the final installment of your teaching related Summer reflections and projects. We are very grateful for the wonderful responses we have received, and we are sure that many of these ideas will inspire and assist others in the UCAT community.

Today’s post includes a number of ideas for obtaining or creating resources. It can be quite a challenge to find enough appropriate material or examples for our lesson plans and activities, and to keep that material current. These posts provide many excellent suggestions.


“I spend the summer stockpiling ideas, talking points, real-world examples for use in Fall, and maybe Spring semester.  Examples of excellent and poor communication studies, journalism, public relations and social media occur daily. It’s more difficult to keep up when you’re teaching a full course load, advising students, grading papers, etc. But the summer stockpile ensures the academic year gets off to an interesting start, and some examples provoke enough solid class conversation that they become part of the syllabus or applicable lectures in future semesters.”

-Dan Caterinicchia, Director of Student Media, Clinical Assistant Professor


Infographics. I love them – but I’m not sure how to mix graphics and data to create my own professional-looking pieces.  I’ve been searching for books on the subject, and I found a great source in . . . the children’s section of the library.  The Natural World by J. Richards and E. Simkins (Owlkids Books Inc.) includes 30 pages of biology info presented entirely in infographics.  By studying the colors, choice of data and placement of information on each page, I’m learning the elements of a good infographic.   My tip: look outside your usual realm for ideas and inspiration!”

-Monica Lewandowski, PhD, Academic Program Coordinator, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences


“I teach a GEC course called World Regional Geography. For me, this Summer is about developing a library—well curated content for students. Thanks to feedback from the UCAT staff over the past two years, I feel more comfortable now with my teaching style, giving lectures, and facilitating discussion. Now I am reviewing my course content to make sure my students have the best materials possible.”

-Austin Kocher, GTA, Department of Geography


“The wealth of online videos is a blessing to those of us who teach American Sign Language.  This summer I have scoured the Internet for video clips of native signers to supplement the vocabulary, grammar, and culture topics in our ASL curriculum. The California School for the Deaf has their own YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on diverse topics.  My favorite clip shows a toddler in the family kitchen learning the sign for “hot” when presented with corn on the cob.  From dictionaries, jokes, stories, translated songs, history, to instructional guides, it’s available if you just look for it!”

-Kristin N. Saxon, Instructor, American Sign Language Program