We held our annual Celebration of Teaching at the Faculty Club this morning. This event serves to recognize many of the people who worked during the year to enhance their own teaching and empower others to do the same. These include representatives from partnering units across campus, members of our OSTEP learning communities, grant recipients, and teaching circle participants.

President Drake honored us with remarks, during which he mentioned that great teaching should be both celebrated and rewarded, that we should measure success based on evidence, and that he hopes the emphasis the people in the room place on teaching will become the norm at Ohio State.

Associate Director Stephanie Rohdieck welcomed the group with these words, which acknowledge the hard work of the honorees and recap our year at UCAT:

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 2017 UCAT Celebration of Teaching.

My name is Stephanie Rohdieck and I am the Associate Director of UCAT.

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the amazing work instructors – you in particular –  have done to enhance teaching and teaching support at Ohio State.

As evidenced by all of you here today, teaching at this great university is an important endeavor, and one that we all do with pride.

We at UCAT want to honor and publicly acknowledge your commitment to providing Ohio State students with the best teaching they can receive.

You are here because you care deeply about teaching, about learning, and about the student experience.

You are here because you know that teaching is not easy if you want to do it well. It is wildly challenging. It is complicated and nuanced. It necessitates reflection, tenacity, patience, humbleness, creativity. There is rarely a quick fix; there is no one-size-fits all answer, there is no one “right way” to teach.

This is all hard work. But we do it. We do it because we know that the gains are tremendous –  they are powerful, life-changing, and inspirational.

As you will see in our slide show today, all of us in this room care deeply about the work we do as both teachers and as supporters of teachers.

It is humbling to stand up here, knowing that you’ve all contributed so much to our teaching community.

You have accomplished a lot over the past year and we’d like to take time today to honor your hard work and dedication to your craft.

As Ohio State’s teaching center, our mission and duty is to support that work. And we are honored to do so.

Over the last year:

  • 107 of you attended our Course Design Institutes
  • 51 of you participated in our learning communities
  • 5 of you received grants to pursue professional development
  • and 20 of you represent departments who were awarded grants to
    support local teaching development efforts

You’ve been busy.

At UCAT, we’ve been a little busy too. I’d like to briefly acknowledge my fellow UCAT staff for all of their hard work in supporting you and your projects.

In the last year, they not only served as coordinators and facilitators for those programs and events I just listed, but they have also worked with you, and many others on campus, in other ways.

  • They had 505 teaching consultations this year with instructors of every type and rank
  • Of those consultations, 91 of them were mid-term focus groups where they got feedback from over 3,000 students, analyzed and interpreted the data, shared it with the instructors, and offered guidance on action steps
  • They designed and facilitated 60 campus-wide events and 40 departmental workshops
  • They guest lectured in 8 graduate courses on pedagogy
  • And they have taught their own courses on teaching related topics while also representing UCAT and “all things teaching” on committees across the university

Thank you to my fellow UCAT staff for all that you do. And thank you (audience) for allowing us to be a part of your teaching journey.

Finally, I would like to aknowledge our partners and collaborators across campus. Can our representatives please stand to be recognized.

  • Academy of Teaching
  • Student Life Career Counseling and Support Services
  • Dennis Learning Center
  • Graduate School
  • InterACT and the Department of Theatre
  • Office for Distance Education and eLearning
  • Office of International Affairs
  • Office of Service-Learning
  • OUAB Grad/Prof
  • Undergraduate Education
  • University Institute for Teaching and Learning
  • University Libraries
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Younkin Success Center

Each of these partners, in various ways, help us meet our goal of supporting and advocating for all who teach at Ohio State. Please join me in thanking them for their support.

I would now like to invite distinguished guest President Drake to share some remarks. Welcome, President Drake, and thank you for joining us.

Several learning community members submitted quotations about their experiences this year, which we have put into a slideshow.


We also invite you to read through the program.