Recently, we requested that Ohio State instructors submit photos that captured their teaching experience at Ohio State. We received a variety of depictions of teaching through Facebook and Twitter — from examples of student engagement and rapport, to helping students better see, understand, and experience concepts they’re learning. Here we share the submissions we received, along with each participant’s comments about what his or her photo represents.

Megan Brown
The relationship created with students after less than a month of class. Being able to interact with students through their assignments allows me to learn their names and interact with them beyond their assignments.

Tami Augustine
The photo is of my students taking a walking tour on campus of 3 of the 5 Underground Railroad markers. This was to demonstrate place-based learning and the role of the local in history. They supplemented their learning with QR codes that highlighted videos that discussed the role of campus, Columbus and the State of Ohio in the Underground Railroad. This was to demonstrate how we can use our local places to make teaching history engaging for students and use outdoors as learning spaces.

Monica Lewandowski
I teach students about the importance of plants in agriculture and the environment. Sometimes students don’t think of plants as captivating or interesting. There’s a term – “plant blindness” – that is the inability to see or appreciate the importance of plants in our world. This can hinder our understanding of critical topics such as biodiversity, human health and food production. I try to share the wonder and beauty of plants and captivate students’ interests – through photos, videos and stories. I take photographs and videos of plants whenever I see the opportunity!

Lauren Haas-Gehres
My photo represents students learning how to apply theory to social work practice.

Alice Teall
The photo posted to Facebook and on Twitter represents the reminder to me (as faculty) that my connection to online students empowers them to reach their dreams! Included in the picture are my mentors (Margaret Graham & Bern Melnyk), my colleague (Oralea Pittman) and 4 of my recent graduates! O-H-I-O!!!

Seth Young
Our ability to offer unparalleled quality in teaching and learning about how airports are managed by using our Ohio State University Airport as a real world educational field site.