Are you interested in developing a service-learning component to your course or department? Do you want to further explore benefits and dilemmas associated with service-learning in higher education? This month we are co-sponsoring a workshop called, “Designing Service-Learning Into Your Course” (for more information about the event and to register, click here) and to complement it, our April book giveaway is ServiceLearning Essentials: Questions, Answers, and Lessons Learned by Barbara Jacoby, a respected scholar in the field.

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From the publisher:

“Organized in an accessible question-and-answer format, the book responds clearly and completely to the most common questions and concerns about service-learning. Each chapter addresses issues related to individual practice as well as to the collective work of starting and developing a service-learning center or program, with examples drawn from a variety of disciplines, situations, and institutional types. The questions range from basic to advanced and the answers cover both the fundamentals and complexities of service-learning. Topics include:

  • Determining what service-learning opportunities institutions should offer
  • How to engage students in critical reflection in academic courses and in co-curricular experiences
  • Best practices for developing and sustaining mutually beneficial campus-community partnerships
  • Integrating service-learning into the curriculum in all disciplines and at all levels, as well as various areas of student life outside the classroom
  • Assessing service-learning programs and outcomes
  • The dilemmas of service-learning in the context of power and privilege
  • The future of service-learning in online and rapidly globalizing environments”