1. If students say they’re having trouble remembering all the information from class… We will teach them memory tricks to help them organize and retain all that important information. If they know how memory functions, they can take advantage of it when they are studying.
  2. If students say they don’t know how to study in college because they never had to study in high school… We will look at their current study strategies, and suggest changes that will improve their overall study habits. This means studying throughout the semester and for exams.
  3. If students are not taking effective notes… We will go over notetaking methods to make sure they are making the most of lectures and recitations, and not falling behind. Good notes lead to increased learning and more effective exams preparation!
  4. If students seems unmotivated or uninterested… We will use motivational interviewing to help them discover untapped resources of purpose, energy and effort they have for their coursework.
  5. If students are overwhelmed and stressed out… We can help them find balance in their lives between school, sleep, and a personal life. A successful student is one who has time for all three areas, and knows when and how to prioritize one over the others.
  6. If students are constantly missing assignment deadlines… We will coach them on effective time management and organization techniques. Utilizing these techniques will teach them to balance a busy schedule and plan ahead for assignments so they be strategic about their approach to coursework.
  7. If students still have not started their term paper/project… We can help them get started by going over effective brainstorming, researching, and working in groups. Sometimes students just don’t know how to get started.
  8. If students seems over-anxious about the exam… We can help them manage their test anxiety with tips for before, during, and after the exam. Test anxiety affects performance during the exam, has long lasting effects for the student and can increase levels of test anxiety in the other students around them.

The Dennis Learning Center offers courses, workshops, and coaching to help students address these and many more academic challenges. Suggest one of our courses to students still in need of electives, request a workshop to have a coach facilitate a session on material pertinent to your class, or remind students they can meet one-on-one with one of our coaches to gain targeted insight. Additional information as well as workshop requests and appointment bookings can be accessed at our website dennislearningcenter.osu.edu .