• Promoting Students’ Academic Wellbeing

    College life can be challenging, especially when students enter a new field of study and struggle to keep up with workloads. As I sat down to write this blog post and thought about the theme, “Promoting Students’ Academic Wellbeing,” I kept asking myself what I have seen and what I have benefited from over the past few semesters. ...  more»

  • Monthly Update Post: April

    Welcome to our April edition of “What’s happening at UCAT this month?” This post will highlight some upcoming events in April, announce our book giveaway, and detail some UCAT updates. Upcoming Events: As your semester wraps up, we invite you to join us for one of the following sessions: Please join us on April 9th from 2:00-3:00 PM for a Featured Teacher roundtable entitled From Distracted to Productive: Time Management Lessons for Students… and Us. ...  more»

  • Decoding the SEI: How to Favorably Impact Student Perceptions of Learning

    In February, Alan Kalish (Director) and I presented a webinar series on an exciting and, arguably, the most debated topic in higher education: The Student Evaluation of Instruction (SEI). At Ohio State, we value and consider students’ feedback in all our improvement efforts, especially related to making our classroom environments more conducive to their learning, ...  more»

  • From Distracted to Productive: Time Management Lessons for Students… and Us

    Claire Kamp Dush is one of our Featured Teachers for the Spring 2018 semester. She is an associate professor of Human Development and Family Science in the Department of Human Sciences at Ohio State. She also is the mother of four sons and uses a lot of the tips in this blog post to get things done. ...  more»

  • Teachers Talk: Teaching What You Don’t Know

    In February, we gave away one copy of Therese Huston’s Teaching What You Don’t Know. As part of the giveaway, we asked participants two questions: How have you prepared to teach a lesson or course in a new or unfamiliar subject area? ...  more»