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When: February 12, 2014 at 10:30 am–12:00 pm

Where: 300 Younkin Success Center

Lindsay Bernhagen, UCAT

It can be disheartening when instructors encounter cheating in their classrooms.  Frustrated teachers may find it easy to attribute such behavior to student laziness, lack of moral compass, or desperate responses to hypercompetition on campus and in the world at large.  In this book, author James Lang argues that students often cheat because their learning environments themselves provide incentives for such behavior and that course design and daily classroom practice can be revised to lessen the incentive to cheat. The central axiom of Cheating Lessons­—that more learning means less cheating—provides the starting point from which Lang offers real-life anecdotes of successful college teachers as well as practical strategies for effective course design.   Please join us for weekly discussions as we learn from the insights, stories, and suggestions shared in this highly engaging text. Registration is limited to 12 people. UCAT will supply the books for the first 12 who register and can commit to attending all meetings.

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