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When: March 27, 2017 at 9:00am – 10:30am
Where: Barbie Tootle Room, Ohio Union

The process of identifying a personal philosophy of teaching and continuously examining it through teaching practice can foster professional and personal growth. In our meeting you will find out more about the benefits and uses of Philosophy Statements in academia and your teaching practice. You will also have the opportunity to start developing your own Teaching Philosophy.

All 1st and 2nd year TAs are encouraged to join UCAT’s Starting Teaching Associate Resource (STAR) Group! This group, led by UCAT’s graduate consultants, gives 1st and 2nd year TAs the opportunity to…

  • Network with other TAs from across OSU
  • Seek help for specific teaching concerns
  • Develop a plan to grow as TAs
  • Access UCAT and other teaching resources
  • Encourage and learn from each other

Refreshments will be provided.

Visit the STAR home page to register.

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