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OLN Central Ohio Regional Center Faces of Learning Communities

Ohio Learning Resources

An online calendar to help educators quickly and easily find seminars, workshops, conferences, and training about integrating learning technologies into teaching and learning. It's also a time saver—sign up to have events that matter to you sent directly to your inbox.
Ohio Learning Network
A great resource that provides detailed information on the Learning Communities Initiative, as well as information regarding distance learning and teaching and learning with technology.
Ohio Learns
A listing of Ohio’s Distance Learning degrees and courses.
OLN Teaching and Learning Resource Page
A list of teaching and learning initiatives, which includes resources related to learning techniques.
E-Learning Anthenaeum of Ohio
A resource for Ohio faculty and others to contribute and search case studies, modules, narratives, rubrics, learning objects, and many other resources.
OLN Learning Communities Initiative @ Ning!
Join learning community members across the state in the social network tool, Ning!