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OLN Central Ohio Regional Center Faces of Learning Communities

May 2008

The Central Ohio Regional Center proudly announces the 2008-2009 Innovation Grant Recipients:

"REFLECT: Using Blogs and Wikis to Improve Reflection and Critical Thinking across the Disciplines"
Marsha Huber and Shirine Mafi, Otterbein College
This Professional Learning Community (PLC) will focus on helping students develop reflection and critical thinking in their disciplines. Professors from six disciplines will adopt blogs and wikis (BWs) in their classes to facilitate student learning. The purpose of this grant, named REFLECT, will focus on two issues: (1) adopting Dee Fink’s Integrated Course Design (ICD) to explore technology adoption and (2) assessing how and if BWs promote learning. Participants will share their experiences with both their cohorts and the larger academic community.
"Multimedia Instruction and Performance Assessment Practices for Teachers"
Clare Kilbane and Karen Robinson, Otterbein College
Teacher educators in the Early Childhood Licensure program at Otterbein College will participate in this PLC to explore, test, evaluate, and improve classroom learning and assessment practices using multimedia (iPod and digital video technologies) and a webbased eFolio system. The PLC participants will: 1) expand their skills in using multimedia, 2) deepen their understanding of performance assessment, 3) enhance their ability to document and assess learning through multimedia, 4) strengthen the implementation of a department-wide digital portfolio assessment program, 5) develop strategies for the integration of multimedia performance assessment practices programwide, and 6) build collegiality and program coherence.
"Bridging the Gap – Supporting the Transition from Pre-Nursing to Nursing"
Cheryl Mace, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Partner: Ohio Dominican University
In 2007 Ohio Dominican University (ODU) and Mt Carmel College of Nursing (MCCN) began a unique relationship for students interested in a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). The students take their general education courses at ODU and their nursing courses at MCCN. A community from ODU and MCCN is investigating how to make this program more successful by engaging in conversations about academic support. This grant will allow ODU and MCCN faculty from both schools to collaborate on connections in assessments, outcomes, assessment practices, and rubrics for assignments to help integrate the transition from pre-nursing to nursing. This community is new and will include constituents from both institutions. The goal of the community will be to establish a community, select a common assessment criterion, and then explore and select technology to aid in the assessment across institutions. The core community feels it is essential to the continued success of the community, beyond the grant, for faculty to select the technology to explore and implement.

January 2008

Women's Studies 110: Women, Society and Culture ONLINE community made headlines on the front page of OSU's newspaper for faculty and staff, onCampus, on January 24, 2008. Delivering the entire course in 2nd Life, Collingwood is among the first instructors at Ohio State to use Second Life to this extent. She taught the class about 50 percent of the time in Second Life during fall quarter and is 100 percent there in the winter. Check out her story!

October 2007

Any Time, Any Space, Any Place Teaching and Learning in a Mobile Environment community presented its first Distance Learning Conference on October 12, 2007. DL 2007 drew 53 faculty, staff, and graduate students from diverse organizations across the OSU campus, and from organizations in the Columbus community. The conference program consisted of a panel discussion by six distance learning experts on the topic, “The Future of Distance Learning,” based on the writings of Dr. Michael Beaudoin, Ed.D., professor of education at the University of New England. Following the panel and discussion groups, three workshops were held on the topics, “Mobile Technologies,” “Community in Distance Learning,” and “The Changing Nature of Learners.” Read all about their successful event!