• Teaching Post Election

    In the days leading up to and following the presidential election, our country has seen discord and, in some unfortunate cases, verbal and physical violence. As part of the teaching community at Ohio State, we know that these emotions can enter into our class interactions. We also know from research that making room for diverse more»

  • Engaging STEM Students Across the University

    I frequently had STEM students my Introduction to Cultural Anthropology and Introduction to Archaeology classes.  In order to help make the courses resonate with these students I wove aspects of hard sciences throughout the courses.  Below are a couple of specific examples. For my Introduction to Archaeology class, I looked at the majors represented in more»

  • November Book Giveaway

    The end of the semester is nearing. You may think it’s too late to make a change in your teaching, but James Lang, director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Assumption College, advocates the positive impact of even the smallest changes. Lang has been sharing his advice about small changes you can make to more»

  • October Book Giveaway

    Midterms are just around the corner. Whether they do well or wish they had done better, students can fall into the trap of fixating on grades. To keep a focus on a student learning, it can be helpful to remind students that intelligence is not a fixed attribute and that they can succeed if they more»

  • Take Back Ownership of Your Course Content While Lowering Student Costs with ALX Grant

    A part of UCAT’s mission is to support and advocate for Ohio State instructors, and create a community where student-focused teaching is valued. Those are two reasons why UCAT partners with the Affordable Learning Exchange. ALX helps instructors reclaim ownership of their course content while also helping bridge the affordability gap for students. An Ohio more»