Following our recent tragedy, UCAT and Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service have put together a few tips to help you when working with students. Our office is always available to consult on these steps.

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  • Take time to talk as a group or class.
  • Have students discuss “facts” first, then shift to emotions.
  • Invite students to share emotional, personal responses.
  • Respect each person’s dealing with the loss.
  • Be prepared for blaming.
  • It is normal for people to seek an “explanation” of why the tragedy occurred.
  • Make contact with those students who appear to be reacting in unhealthy ways.
  • Find ways of memorializing the loss, if appropriate.
  • Thank students for sharing, and remind them of resources on campus.
  • Give yourself time to reflect.
  • Come back to the feelings as a group at a later time.

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Adapted and used by permission of Villanova University Counseling Center

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