• Dealing with the Aftermath of Tragedy in the Classroom

    Following our recent tragedy, UCAT and Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service have put together a few tips to help you when working with students. Our office is always available to consult on these steps.

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    • Take time to talk as a group or class.
    • Have students discuss “facts” first, then shift to emotions.
    • Invite students to share emotional, personal responses.
    • Respect each person’s dealing with the loss.
    • Be prepared for blaming.
    • It is normal for people to seek an “explanation” of why the tragedy occurred.
    • Make contact with those students who appear to be reacting in unhealthy ways.
    • Find ways of memorializing the loss, if appropriate.
    • Thank students for sharing, and remind them of resources on campus.
    • Give yourself time to reflect.
    • Come back to the feelings as a group at a later time.

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    Adapted and used by permission of Villanova University Counseling Center

  • Returning to the Classroom after the Election

    See University of Michigan’s blog post on “Returning to the Classroom After the Election” that has suggestions for instructors who wish to simply acknowledge the intense emotions and perspectives, as well as links for those who wish to hold more substantive discussions.

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