• October Book Giveaway

    Midterms are just around the corner. Whether they do well or wish they had done better, students can fall into the trap of fixating on grades. To keep a focus on a student learning, it can be helpful to remind students that intelligence is not a fixed attribute and that they can succeed if they more»

  • Take Back Ownership of Your Course Content While Lowering Student Costs with ALX Grant

    A part of UCAT’s mission is to support and advocate for Ohio State instructors, and create a community where student-focused teaching is valued. Those are two reasons why UCAT partners with the Affordable Learning Exchange. ALX helps instructors reclaim ownership of their course content while also helping bridge the affordability gap for students. An Ohio more»

  • Resources for Teaching the Presidential Election and Other Controversial Topics

    On August 16-18, 665 Graduate Teaching Associates attended UCAT’s Teaching Orientation. Over the course of three days, TAs were introduced to basic learning theories, began to think of themselves as teachers, and, within this supportive learning environment, shared their concerns about teaching. One concern that emerged, as it does every year, was the difficulty of more»

  • September Book Giveaway

    The upcoming election Presidential election will be a lightning rod for discussions about civic duty and the nature of democracy. The decisions we make as teachers about how to engage with the election prompt us to reflect on what it means to teach at a public university. To help you ponder all the complexities of being both more»

  • 8 Ways Dennis Learning Center Academic Coaches Can Help Your Students

    If students say they’re having trouble remembering all the information from class… We will teach them memory tricks to help them organize and retain all that important information. If they know how memory functions, they can take advantage of it when they are studying. If students say they don’t know how to study in college because more»