• Trent Olsen Reflects on Learning as a Teaching Orientation Facilitator

    I settled on a career in academia because I recognized the fulfillment I found in teaching at the head of a classroom. My segue into teaching began with offering English classes to non-native speakers and slowly transferred to art history as I advanced in my degrees to my current station as GTA in the department more»

  • What Rob Denton Learned as a Teaching Orientation Facilitator

    “Hi Megan, I’m Rob. Hi Jordan, I’m Rob. Have you met Megan? Hi Katherine, I’m Rob. Have you met Megan and Jordan? Hi Marcus, I’m Rob. Have you met Megan, Jordan, and Katherine?” It sounded like a silly idea for an icebreaker. On the first day of class, don’t just introduce yourself to your students, more»

  • January Book Giveaway

    As the new semester gets underway and the students in your course are just getting to know each other, consider using group work to enhance student learning. Group work has been show to increase student engagement and persistence through learning challenges. To help you plan for the challenges and opportunities of group work, UCAT is more»

  • Dealing with the Aftermath of Tragedy in the Classroom

    Following our recent tragedy, UCAT and Student Life’s Counseling and Consultation Service have put together a few tips to help you when working with students. Our office is always available to consult on these steps. Take time to talk as a group or class. Consider providing an opportunity at the beginning of a class period. more»

  • Teaching Post Election

    In the days leading up to and following the presidential election, our country has seen discord and, in some unfortunate cases, verbal and physical violence. As part of the teaching community at Ohio State, we know that these emotions can enter into our class interactions. We also know from research that making room for diverse more»