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What strengths do you bring to teaching?

On September 2nd, STAR hosted our annual open house for first- and second-year TAs. The open house was an informal meeting to allow TAs to meet new colleagues and reflect on their new careers as teachers in a low-stakes environment. As part of our efforts to spark casual conversations that were still relevant to teaching, we invited to […]

2015 Early June 1-5 Cropped

How do the content areas and assignments in your courses contribute to student learning? How do you want students to be different after completing your course? How would you articulate the goals and objectives for your course? Perhaps you are about to teach a brand new course for the first time, or maybe you have an inkling […]


If you are working on your philosophy of teaching statement, it can sometimes be hard to get your thoughts organized or even know where to start. Consider including these elements in your teaching philosophy statement (in no particular order) to maximize its effectiveness. Goals What are your main goals as a teacher? How do you hope […]


Contributed by First Year Experience The Buckeye Book Community (BBC) is the common reading program for new undergraduate students, and is one of only a few academic experiences shared by the entire first-year class. In First Year Experience, we think of the BBC as the first academic assignment for Ohio State students. More significantly, it […]


We held our Teaching Orientation @ Ohio State on August 18–20. This annual program provides a foundation for Graduate Teaching Associates (GTAs) to start off their fall teaching assignments. It’s meant to help them feel more prepared, confident, and competent before they set foot in the classroom. This year, over 450 GTAs from about 60 different […]