• 8 Ways Dennis Learning Center Academic Coaches Can Help Your Students

    If students say they’re having trouble remembering all the information from class… We will teach them memory tricks to help them organize and retain all that important information. If they know how memory functions, they can take advantage of it when they are studying. If students say they don’t know how to study in college because more»

  • Successful Teamwork Requires Structure

    Kathleen Harper is a senior lecturer in the Department of Engineering Education. In this guest post, she shares some insights about using group work to develop students’ teamwork skills and lists a few core principles for making group work successful. Studies ranging across the employment spectrum show that, no matter what field our students find more»

  • Reacting to the Class: The Role of Play in Pedagogy

    Aaron Palmore just graduated with a Ph.D. from Ohio State in Greek and Latin. In this guest post, he shares his experience with and insights about using role-playing games as a teaching tool in the classroom. Using a game as a pedagogical tool is not going to be rigorous or intellectually challenging. Students will be dismissive of more»

  • Undergraduate Research, Herman Meville, and #BlacklivesMatter

    The Journal of Undergraduate Research (JUROS) has just published an article by Catharine Shipps—a junior physics major from Baltimore, Maryland—discussing the #BlacklivesMatter movement and Herman Melville’s novella Benito Cereno. In “Everything was mute and calm; everything grey;” Benito Cereno, White Authority and #BlacklivesMatter,” Catharine analyzes the unreliable narration in the 1855 story of a revolt on a slave ship more»

  • Terrell Strayhorn talks about #BlackLivesMatter, the pedagogy of empowerment, and belonging

    Graduate consultant Blake Wilder recently sat down with Dr. Terrell Strayhorn, Director of the Center for Higher Education Enterprise and Professor of Higher Education, to talk about education and some historical context related to the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement. Blake Wilder: On February 9th, you gave a talk on Carter Woodson’s 1933 classic text The Mis-Education of the Negro. You presented more»