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Next week more than 800 new instructors, faculty members, and graduate students will teach their first class at Ohio State. Many have never taught a college class before. We asked our current Ohio State teachers what they might say to these new teachers to welcome them to our campus and to teaching. A number of our […]; Amickman via

Over the past year, UCAT has used our blog, Facebook Page, and Twitter account as platforms to stimulate more conversational and collaborative interactions among those who teach and those who support teachers at The Ohio State University. This year, we will continue to ask members of our community to provide insight into teaching principles and […]


Recently we asked our colleagues to share their reflections on their teaching this term. Several instructors reported very positive results from an entire course redesign or from particular activities that they tried out for the first time. These teaching experiments yielded some surprising and helpful insights about course materials and the learning environment. Not everything […]

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A colleague who works with international students told me the following story. There was a student from China whose practice during class was to sit and listen, and not take notes.  One of his professors noticed this, and was puzzled by it.  Finally, one day in the middle of class the professor asked this student […]


If the enthusiasm from our recent book group is any indication, you won’t want to miss Monday’s visit by James Lang, author of Cheating Lessons: Learning from Academic Dishonesty. Lang uses concerns about cheating as a way to analyze course and assignment design, and focus on innovative ways to increase student motivation for learning. He […]