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The Journal of Undergraduate Research (JUROS) has just published an article by Catharine Shipps—a junior physics major from Baltimore, Maryland—discussing the #BlacklivesMatter movement and Herman Melville’s novella Benito Cereno. In “Everything was mute and calm; everything grey;” Benito Cereno, White Authority and #BlacklivesMatter,” Catharine analyzes the unreliable narration in the 1855 story of a revolt on a slave ship more»


Graduate consultant Blake Wilder recently sat down with Dr. Terrell Strayhorn, Director of the Center for Higher Education Enterprise and Professor of Higher Education, to talk about education and some historical context related to the recent #BlackLivesMatter movement. Blake Wilder: On February 9th, you gave a talk on Carter Woodson’s 1933 classic text The Mis-Education of the Negro. You presented more»

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InterACT: Theatre Project for Social Change, a collaborative project co-sponsored by the Department of Theatre and UCAT, will be performing tomorrow. Their session, “I Matter”: A Sense of Belonging in the College Classroom, will present complex, real-world classroom scenarios that reveal how a feeling of belonging functions as a major part of learning and development in more»


At UCAT, we believe knowledge is most effectively produced in a diverse community of learners. It’s a core part of our philosophy of practice. As part of our work, we aim to help teachers develop collaborative communities in which students can share and learn from one another’s expertise and experiences. In addition to learning being a more»

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Nora McCook, a Graduate Teaching Associate in the English department, taught an English 2367 course that included a major focus on #BlackLivesMatter during the Fall 2015 semester. She recently shared some of the insights that she learned from that experience. How did you structure your course around #BlackLivesMatter? How did students respond? In this portion more»


March Book Giveaway

Celebrating Teaching With The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life by Parker J. Palmer Each year, UCAT celebrates members of our teaching community by hosting an end of the year breakfast. This year, our theme for that breakfast is “Celebrating Teaching.” No book celebrates those who teach more than Parker more»

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